Alec Soth: Minnesota Visions

Air France magazine August 2014

Alec Soth (photo : Tadzio)

photo : Tadzio

With his Twin Cities baseball cap, photographer Alec Soth looks like a teenager with a trapper’s beard. This Minneapolis native likes to say that he’s a typical Midwesterner, and people generally see him just this way, despite his stellar pedigree: a 2008 exhibition at the Jeu de Paume, Paris; works in major museums throughout the world; representation at Magnum. Soth is a dreamer who finds inspiration along the banks of the Mississippi. His current project, Little Brown Mush- room, is a magazine featuring his photos alongside texts by Brad Zellar, a Minnesota author and road companion from one state to the next; together, they seek out tales of ordinary strangeness, poetry in the everyday, dreamlike reality. The title refers to the mushrooms that are so familiar we no longer know their name, like the landscapes and faces captured by Soth.




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