Nikola Basic: Polyphonic Currents

Air France magazine August 2016

A random concert caused by the movement of the sea that you can hear round the clock. Since it was built in 2005, the “sea organ” in Zadar has become a focal point of the town. People often come when the sun is setting (loners prefer dawn) to sit on the large steps leading down into the Adriatic. It is strikingly beautiful, and the muffled, lapping sounds of water being channeled into 35 organ pipes most intriguing. It is like a strange poetic passage into a parallel, nearly mystical world. This is exactly the effect that Nikola Basic, who invented the unique instrument, was seeking. The Croatian architect wanted to create a work with nature, using the encounter of water and land to produce harmonic sounds with the organ’s seven possible chords and five tones. Basic is not musically trained, so he traveled throughout Croatia looking for organ builders and acousticians who could help him build this 70-meter-long dream.

Nikola Basic (Photo : Tadzio)

Nikola Basic (Photo : Tadzio) – l’architecte devant son “orgue des mers”

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