Pilar Albarracín: true blue Sevillian

Photo : Pilar Albarracín

Photo : Pilar Albarracín


Air France magazine November 2017

Like Carmen, the most famous woman from Seville, Pilar Albarracín is a rebel who answers to no one. A joyously provocative feminist artist, she mocks flamenco frills and depicts herself in torero outfits with a pressure cooker or broom under her arm. Her work weaves a commentary on women and their place in a society governed by conventions and stereotypes. “It’s not about condemning something, but about throwing people off balance, getting them to think about identity and gender,” she says. Pilar evidently also cherishes those traditions of Andalusia that she pokes fun at. In her studio-cum-curiosity cabinet, mantillas, fans and ex-votos line the walls alongside velvet chorizos she’s made and a paper tablecloth on which she patiently “embroiders” flowers (and other things) one by one with a blue birojust as older women used to do, with their needle and thread, sitting on their doorstep.

www.pilaralbarracin.com. Exposition Extractos de Fuego y de Veneno. Jusqu’au 15 novembre. Palacio de la Madraza, Grenade. https://lamadraza.ugr.es Représentée par la Galería Javier López & Fer Francés, à Madrid. www.javierlopezferfrances.com ; la galerie Georges-Philippe et Nathalie Vallois, à Paris. www.galerie-vallois.com ; la Galeria Filomena Soares, à Lisbonne. www.gfilomenasoares.com

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