Texas: constellation of artists

The Art Guys (photo : Tadzio)

photo : Tadzio

Air France magazine March 2015

The oil-rich land of Texas is also a fertile place for art. There’s hardly a public park or institution in Houston that doesn’t have its James Turrell, Jean Dubuffet or Jaume Plensa. Its Art Guys, as well, along with its Trenton Doyle Hancock, three adoptive Houstonians: Michael Galbreth and Jack Massing, alias The Art Guys, activist, productive, positively wacky pair who studied at the University of Houston in the 1980s;

Trenton Doyle Hancock (photo : Tadzio)

photo : Tadzio

Texas-born Trenton Doyle Hancock creates fantasy creatures. The three love the effervescence of this metropolis—soon to become the thirdmost populated in the USA—and its voracious appetite for culture. While The Art Guys create artistic extravaganzas (24 hours in a restaurant, bronze busts available for purchase after their deaths, marriage with a tree), Trenton, a MoMA and Whitney favorite, is more discreet, hiding behind his big glasses and his whimsical worlds.

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